Opening hours during the holidays

Our opening hours over the holidays. We wish you happy holidays and a happy new year!

24.12. OPEN from 11:00 a.m.

25.12. OPEN from 14:00

26.12. - 30.12.: OPEN from 11.00 a.m.

31.12. OPEN from 14:00

01.01. CLOSED

02.01. OPEN from 11:00 a.m.


New Year's Eve Party

Event announcement: It's set to be a first-class New Year's Eve bang, because it's well deserved as the final treat for 2023. So at the end of the year, Flamingo Island is giving its visitors a real treat on Sunday, December 31. a big party from 2 p.m., with lots of treats in store for them.

This is guaranteed by well-known star guests such as Marcus Aurelius and Mila Nova as well as glass dancer Amy. But there is also a lot going on around the exciting live sex shows to create a successful party program. The live DJ plays only the hottest songs, while ladies in sexy evening wear entice the male guests to chat at the bar or on the dance floor, where they show off their charming beauty to the full to show off their erotic seduction skills.

The fire show offers a different kind of heat - an artistically top-staged performance that amazes the audience and is guaranteed to impress. It gets even more explosive at midnight, when the club sets off its mega fireworks display to welcome in the New Year together with the guests. "Over there" in 2024, the New Year's pretzel is already waiting to be nibbled on by all those who, as always, have their culinary cravings catered for at Flamingo Island: On 31.12. a large New Year's Eve buffet and a fruit buffet, the sweet taste of which provides a refreshing culinary accompaniment to your stay at the popular wellness address.

A prize raffle will then ensure even more happy faces, as there are some great prizes to be won (including €899 in cash, a tablet and several free tickets) Admission (with Prosecco reception) costs €99.


X-Mas party

Event announcement: Flamingo Island has brought not one, not two, but three coveted erotic stars to the club for its X-Mas party on Saturday, December 2, 2023. Kimber Heart, Miss Iron and Sophie Doll then rock the audience with live shows, d*ck shows, lascivious action and offer a lot of eye candy, which can also be continued beyond the erotic.

After a warm mulled wine reception, it's worth taking a look at the festive Christmas buffet, which is so rich with goose legs, X-Mas pastries and an accompanying fruit buffet that every friend of culinary delicacies will click their tongue and then hungrily gorge themselves on it in the next breath. But don't worry, there's enough for everyone, which of course also applies to the moments with the attractive female guests, who will look particularly sexy in their Christmas outfits at the X-Mas party.

An event like this always includes a live DJ and an exciting raffle. At least that's what Flamingo Island thinks and they should be right, because nobody will complain when they hear good music and are offered great prizes like the following*. Yes, it all sounds and looks really good, and whoever is at the 02.12. is undoubtedly making the best of it. So have fun with it! The entrance fee on the day of the event is 75 euros.

* Prizes of the raffle
1st place: Flat TV
2nd place: Smart Watch
3rd place: 1 free ticket + 1/2 hour massage


Party feeling with live DJ

Every Friday and Saturday the volume is turned up and great music is played to create a good atmosphere! Disco feeling guaranteed - and enjoy all the benefits of eroticism and wellness.



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