• Inside

    Welcome to our 2,800 sqm nude club Now under new ownership! In Baden-Wuerttemberg, we have created for you an indoor island of relaxation and recreation on roundabout 2,800 sqm. Forget about your daily routine and take a dive into a... Read More →

  • Outside

    Caribbean atmosphere! Sitting at a beach bar, enjoying the sun, the sea and, of course, the beach beauties. Who doesn’t dream of this? We’ll do out utmost to give you the impression to be on your dream island! Do not... Read More →

  • Wellness & Food

    On a daily basis from 5:00 pm: certified masseur and masseuse! Keeping our guests satisfied is dear to our hearts, that is why we always look forward to your suggestions and comments. Couples are also more than welcome here! We... Read More →

25. + 26.10.2019: HALLOWEEN PARTY

You’ve never been so scared! Afraid to miss our infernally horny Halloween party. But do not worry, because that does not happen, we point out at this point again! Of course, we’ll do that as well to ‘tease’ you a... Read More →

April 12th & 13th – Hot...

The feast of the great “ears” will be celebrated in Flamingo Island this year on the 12th and 13th of April, when the popular spa and amusement business organizes this year’s Easter party. Present guest stars such as Fit XXX... Read More →

Two clubs, a mega party!

It is time again, New Year’s Eve is coming and we want to celebrate with you extensively! By “we” we mean the teams from Flamingo Island and Pirates Park – we are teaming up this year to deliver the mega-party... Read More →

Celebrate at Flamingo Island: X-Mas

“FX” – this is not a computer sound effect and not the abbreviation for the web browser with which one is currently on the Internet, for example, to read this event message. In the current case, “FX” means nothing other... Read More →

All World Cup matches live

All World Cup matches live (free beer, if Germany or France wins) The football is a guest in Flamingo Iceland and presents itself as a really round thing: All games of the World Cup will live LIVE in their own... Read More →